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Massage Services

*  Combination Relaxation & Deep Tissue

*  Deep Tissue Only
*  Energy Healing Massage

Relaxation massages are focused on relaxation, increased circulation, reduced muscle tension and stress release. Deep tissue massages focus on addressing specific areas of the body that are tense and need a more localized pressure to release any knots or relieve sore muscles. Energy healing massages combine relaxation and deep tissue techniques to help relax and heal the physical body while also incorporating energy healing techniques to help release blocked energy and restore the energy balance of the body.

My overall belief is that your massage should be relaxing, healing and not painful or traumatic to the body. This is because when a massage is painful, the body automatically becomes tense, thereby restricting the blood flow and creating more psychological and physical tension for the body to have to release. Therefore, the whole massage experience is important to me from beginning to end so that my clients feel pampered and attended to in a calm and relaxing environment. Because each person’s body is different, I enjoy feedback from my clients and ask questions to better customize each massage. I provide essential oils, meditation/healing music, soft lighting and water or tea after the massage in order to help assist with flushing out toxins in the body. The goal of each of my massages is for the client to feel more psychologically and physically relaxed, centered and balanced, and to allow a space to heal physical pain gently and gradually. Massage sessions can also be combined with energy healing if desired.

What Happens During a Massage Session?

You are asked to disrobe in a private space and to then lie face down on the massage table with a sheet to cover you. It is up to you whether or not you prefer to wear underwear, however, please note it is easier to address issues of the lower back and hips when the individual is not wearing underwear. You will always be covered by a sheet, and blanket as well if you tend to get cold easily, with only the needed areas exposed one at a time for the massage. The chest area, stomach and private areas are always kept covered during the entire massage. These massages use oil, which my clients are able to choose the type they prefer as I offer a selection. Additionally, I offer essentail oils to further assist with the relaxation and healing process depending on the needs of the client.

Massages can be anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours. Please be aware that the benefits of a massage increase when they are done on a regular basis so it is recommended to have a massage at least once a month. If dealing with a chronic physical issue, once a week is best until the problem has improved.