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Distance Energy Healing

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Free 20-minute Initial Phone Consultation

If you would like an energy healing session but can't attend in person, don't worry, I also offer them by phone or by Skype. Because energy moves through space and time, it is not necessary for you to actually be physically present for a session and the healing you receive is just as powerful. For some people, they find the distance healing to actually be a more powerful experience and prefer to receive the energy in the comfort of their own home. Generally speaking, I find that where the energy work takes place is not as important as just getting started and giving yourself the time and space for the healing to occur.

For a distance energy healing session, I set up the session as I normally would if you were physically present. The initial part of each energy session with you will involve a 20-30 minute counseling portion to better understand what physical or emotional issues you would like to address, to set an intention and to answer any questions you might have. As a licensed therapist, I am also able to provide additional support, expertise and guidance as well about your life and any issues you may be facing. This combination of expertise is quite rare in the energy healing profession and I find it to be extremely valuable to my clients since what happens in a session often needs to be integrated intellectually as well as physically. 

After the counseling is the energy healing portion which is about 45-60 minutes and is done with you laying down somewhere comfortable in your home with the phone or computer on so that you can hear what is happening as I do the energy work from my location. 
After the healing, we will talk for another 15 minutes about what I felt and saw and any messages I received for you as well as what you experienced. Again, I find this to be another important part of the healing experience and process as our minds often need assistance in making sense of what has happened in an energy healing session. By talking about what has happened, we give more meaning to the experience which acts as a guide for how you can move forward in your life and helps with the integration process.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask as I'm always happy to answer your questions or contact me to schedule your free 20 minute consultation to learn more about distant energy healing.