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Being a woman in today's world is not easy. Juggling a family, career, relationships and then trying to find time and energy at the end of the day for yourself feels next to impossible. It's easy to become overwhelmed and to lose touch with the things that used to make you happy and to forget your voice and yourself. 

My name is Tania and I want to remind you of the powerful, passionate and amazing woman you are and were born to be. As a woman in the 21st century, I see the tremendous power and responsibility that women hold and their increasing need for support as well as a place to be heard and recognized. With over 15 years experience as a trained therapist and complementary skills in energy healing, hypnosis, massage, yoga, meditation and more, I know how to help you bring the joy, passion and happiness back into your life. Being a "modern woman" doesn't mean sacrificing who you are in order to have a family, a career or meaningful relationships. It means reprioritizing your SELF in your own life and remembering that when you are fulfilled, excited about life and honor your unique voice, that your family, friends, loved ones and the world around you benefit tremendously. 

I can help you to reconnect to a life that feels inspired and to find a way to bring all the things you love together while feeling healthier, happier, balanced and more alive. Call or email me to learn how.